How to rent a Car:

We value personal communication with our customers. Please provide us with your contact details and car rental requirements via our Quotation Request Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You may also phone or e-mail us directly.

Rental & Billing Period:

Pender Car Rental works on a 24-hour period from the time the rental vehicle leaves the depot until the return of the vehicle at the depot. We do allow a 59 minute “grace period” on the final day of return as a gesture of goodwill.

Renters may request an extension to the rental period initially stated on the rental agreement via an e-mail or fax. The new date and time should be clearly indicated. There is no charge for extensions.

Additional Equipment:

Maps of various areas are available on loan.

Portable Global Positioning Navigation Systems (GPS)
Pender Car Rental offers GPS Units for rent at ZAR 70.00 per day up to a maximum of ZAR 700.00 per month. The unit plugs into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter point and provides on-screen directions and voice prompts.

Child Safety Seats
Pender Car Rental offers child safety seats for rent at ZAR 50.00 per day up to a maximum of R250.00 per month. Please note that for safety purposes, Pender staff are not permitted to install child safety seats.

Additional Services:

Delivery & Collection
Deliveries and Collections within a 50 km radius from Brooklyn, Pretoria and within office hours are free of charge for rentals of 3 days and longer (exceptions can sometimes be made). The 50 km radius includes deliveries and collections to OR Tambo International Airport and Lanseria Airport.
Prior arrangements are required for Pender’s planning purposes. Customers who have made arrangements well in advance will be given priority. Pender Car Rental will not always be able to assist with a delivery / collection at the time requested by the customer, especially if an arrangement is requested on short notice, but will endeavour to arrange a suitable time as close as possible to the requested delivery / collection time.

Pender Car Rental Office Hours for the purpose of deliveries / collections are:

Mondays to Fridays, 08:00 am to 17:00 pm
Saturdays, 08:00 am to 15:00 pm
Sundays, 09:00 am to 13:00 pm

The following will however be for the renter’s account:

The kilometres from the depot to the delivery / collection point.

All e-toll fees at the Government Gazetted standard tariff if the rental vehicle passes through any e-toll gantries on its way to the delivery point or upon return to the depot from the collection point.

All e-toll fees at the Government Gazetted standard tariff if the second vehicle with the second Pender driver who has to fetch or drop the first Pender driver in the rental vehicle passes through any e-toll gantries on its way to the delivery point or upon return to the depot from the collection point.

The Gautrain fee should a driver use the Gautrain as means of transport to get to a collection point or as means of transport to the depot after delivery of a rental vehicle.

All parking fees should it be necessary for the rental vehicle to be parked in a parking bay (i.e. OR Tambo Airport) at the time of delivery / collection.

Deliveries and Collections:

Exceeding the 50 km radius: ZAR 9.00 per km

For rentals of 2 days or less: ZAR 250.00 per delivery / collection trip within a 50 km radius from depot

Outside of office hours: ZAR 250.00 per delivery / collection trip within a 50 km radius from depot

A late fee of ZAR 250.00 will be applicable if the arranged delivery / collection time is not honoured. All costs incurred (i.e. e-toll fees, Gautrain fees, parking fees, etc.) to get to a delivery / collection point as explained above will also be for the renter’s account.

Cross Border Rentals

Cross Border Rentals can be provided for Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia and Botswana.

Lesotho ZAR 400.00 per border crossing
Swaziland ZAR 400.00 per border crossing
Namibia ZAR 1,000.00 per border crossing
Botswana ZAR 1,000.00 per border crossing



Permission must be requested in advance in order to take a Pender vehicle across an international border whereupon Pender will issue a Letter of Authority/Permission.
The customer’s ‘own liability’ doubles as soon as a border is crossed.

Pender Vehicles are not allowed to cross any other borders other than Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia and Botswana.

One-way Rental between Pretoria / Johannesburg and Cape Town

One-way rentals between Pretoria / Johannesburg and Cape Town can be arranged on request at Pender’s discretion. An additional fee per trip will be applicable. The fee varies depending on season and size of vehicle.

Other Costs:

Rental Contract Fee: ZAR 50.00

Additional Driver: ZAR 190.00 per rental agreement (only one additional driver allowed).

Refuelling: Fuel is for the customer’s account.

Call Out Fees:
Call out fee as a result of customer negligence: ZAR 250.00 per call out within a 50 km radius from depot during office hours. ZAR 500.00 per call out within a 50 km radius from depot after office hours.

If call out is in excess of 50 km radius from depot: ZAR 9.00 per kilometre.

Fees charged by service providers and not covered for by roadside assistance (i.e. locksmith): The renter will be liable for full cost of service rendered.

E-Toll Fees: The renter will be liable for e-toll fees at the Government Gazetted Standard Tariff available on SANRAL’s website.

Replacement of lost / stolen e-tag: ZAR 500.00

Extension of Rental Period: No charge.

The customer should request permission in writing (an e-mail / fax will be sufficient) and Pender will confirm the extension in writing.

Costs related to damaged vehicles and traffic fines:

Valet charge in case of soiled vehicles: A minimum of ZAR 250.00 depending on severity.

Towing cost: The renter will be liable for full cost of service rendered.

Accident handling fee: ZAR 250.00 per incident.

Claim handling fee: ZAR 250.00 per incident.

Traffic fines: The renter will be liable for his/her own traffic fines.

Traffic fine handling fee: ZAR 150.00 per fine.

Renter Prerequisites:

The minimum age for a driver is 23 years.
The maximum age for a driver is 75 years.

The driver must have been in possession of a valid driver’s license for a minimum period of 3 years.
International visitors must have a valid driving license from their country of residence.

A foreign license is valid if it meets the following requirements:

If it has been issued in one of the official languages of South Africa (i.e. English), or

if it is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity / validity issued in an official language of South Africa by a competent authority, or

if it is accompanied by an official translation of the license in one of the official languages of South Africa.

If the license contains or has attached to it a photograph and the signature of the license holder.

It is recommended to travel with an International Driving Permit (IDP) in addition to a foreign driving license, especially if you are a regular visitor to South Africa as it is easily identifiable and may prevent complications. An IDP can only be issued in the country the license was issued.

Requirements upon Reservation:

We require the following upon reservation:

Your full name and contact details.
The model required.
The period of rental.

If you would like the car to be delivered, the time and venue of delivery. Should you vehicle be delivered to OR Tambo, Lanseria or Wonderboom Airports we also require your flight details.

Requirements on Delivery:

We require the following upon delivery of a vehicle:

(1) The credit card of the renter. The renter must be present to sign the rental agreement.
(2) The renter’s original Identity Document / Passport.
(3) The renter’s valid driver’s license.
(4) If applicable, the second driver’s valid license.
(5) Please note that we do not accept temporary driving licenses.

Waivers, Liabilities & Authorisation on Credit Card:

Pender Car Rental includes standard waivers for theft and collision damage in the daily / monthly tariff. In the event of a theft / loss, collision or damage there is always a first payment involved which is referred to as your “own liability”. The “own liability” amount differs from vehicle group to vehicle group. In some cases the “own liability” amount doubles, i.e. if you have an accident on a gravel road or if there is no other vehicle involved. Also there can be times when the renter is held responsible for the whole amount of the damages, i.e. driving under the influence of liquor or drugs or allowing the vehicle to be driven by an unauthorised driver.

The standard waivers exclude damage to tyres, rims and windscreen / glass.

Upon delivery of the vehicle Pender Car Rental obtains an authorisation on the credit card of the renter. This means that the specified amount is reserved on the renter’s credit card and is not available to the renter for the remainder of the rental term. Once the vehicle has been returned in the same condition it was received and payment processed the authorised amount will be released.

Pender also offers super waivers at an additional amount per day that reduces your “own liability”. Different rates apply for different vehicle groups.

Fuel & Refuelling:

Pender Car Rental vehicles leave the depot with a full tank of fuel. Your vehicle should be returned with a full tank (at depot) – filled to brim – or will be filled by Pender Car Rental, in which case refuelling related costs will be charged to your account.

Traffic Fines:

Customer’s traffic fines are addressed to Pender Car Rental by the relevant issuing authority in the district where the traffic violation occurred. Upon receipt of a traffic fine Pender Car Rental sends proof that the violation occurred whilst the vehicle was being rented with a request that the fine be redirected. The issuing authority will then redirect the fine to the renter who will then be liable for payment of the fine. Pender Car Rental will levy a traffic fine handling fee of ZAR 150.00.

Gauteng E-Tolls:

On 3 December 2013 the country’s first multi-lane free-flow toll system using Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) was implemented in Gauteng. The first phase of the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) covers 185 kilometres of road along the N1, N3, N12 and R21 freeways in Gauteng with 42 e-toll gantries, and the planned final freeway network will ultimately cover 560 kilometres of road. Toll fees are raised per gantry and the charge rate differs per vehicle class and per gantry.

As a car rental firm we are legally obliged to comply with the South African National Roads Agency’s (SANRAL) requirements and we have therefore fitted all our vehicles in the Gauteng region with e-tag units. The e-tag unit can be found on the front windscreen behind the rear-view mirror.

Each e-tag unit has a unique barcode number located on the side of the e-tag and is linked to the vehicle licence plate number and to Pender Car Rental’s e-toll account with SANRAL. Once your Pender Car Rental vehicle passes under a toll gantry the e-tag will beep.

Upon the return of your rental vehicle (for rental agreements on the daily rate) or by the end of each monthly period (for rentals on a monthly basis) the total e-toll charges for the specific rental period will be calculated based on the information provided to Pender Car Rental through its e-toll account with SANRAL and will be added on to the renter’s bill.

Customers will be billed on the standard e-toll rate according to the Government Gazetted Tariffs.

Please inform Pender Car Rental immediately should your e-tag be damaged, lost or stolen. A fee of R500.00 will be charged on to the renter’s account in the event of a lost, stolen or damaged e-tag.

For detailed information on e-tolling and e-toll fees please visit

Gauteng Gautrain:

The Gautrain is an 80 kilometre mass rapid transit railway system in the Gauteng Province, linking Pretoria, Johannesburg and the O.R. Tambo International Airport. Each station has a parking area for motorists, and commuters have the option of taking several Gautrain buses to destinations within a 15 kilometre radius.

Information on the Gautrain route maps, timetables, fares and bus routes can be obtained on the Gautrain website (Link the words ‘Gautrain website’ to or Gautrain mobi site (Link the words ‘Gautrain mobi site’ to There are also Gautrain applications available in most application stores.

The Hatfield Gautrain station is the closest station to Pender Car Rental.

Emergencies, Roadside Assistance & Emergency Medical Assistance:

Pender Car Rental provides a renter with 24-hour emergency numbers upon the handover of a vehicle. In the event of a breakdown the customer’s call will be taken by a Pender official who in turn will contact Pender’s Roadside Assistance Call Centre to arrange for assistance. Both Pender as well as the Roadside Assistant Official will keep the renter informed of the progress in resolving the situation. In some instances a Pender official may also visit the scene to provide assistance and support. Emergency medical advice / assistance is also available through Pender’s Roadside Assistance Call Centre.

In the event of an Accident:

Should you have been involved in an accident or your rental vehicle stolen you are advised to follow the following steps:

Provided that you and your passengers have not been seriously injured -

Do not make any admission of guilt.
Note down all particulars and contact details of other parties and witnesses.

Inform Pender Car Rental of the incident as soon as possible. Should the vehicle require towing Pender Car Rental will make the necessary arrangements and inform you accordingly.

Complete the vehicle incident form in the back of the information booklet in the glove compartment. If possible take pictures of the scene (you may use your mobile device for this purpose).

Report the incident to the South African Police Service (SAPS) station closest to accident scene within 24 hours. A case docket will be opened. It is important to write the case number down and to provide this to Pender Car Rental.